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Data Science & AI Fighting Canine Epilepsy

Canine epilepsy is a devastating condition for dogs and their owners, and is the most common chronic neurological disorder in dogs. Our aim is to use the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to expand our knowledge to better detect and characterise seizures and help with the management of this challenging condition.

In order to enable this research, we are launching a large-scale, crowdsourced data collection of epilepsy videos and sounds.

Your dog suffers from epilepsy? Consider contributing a video of your dog's seizures to our database of canine epilepsy data, helping us expand scientific knowledge to detect and manage better seizures and to gain a deeper understanding of this disease in dogs.


This research is a collaboration between Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover, Germany and Tech4Animals Lab, Information Systems Department, University of Haifa, Israel.


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Our team, Prof. Holger Volk, Dr. Friederike Twele, Dr. Sebastian Meller and Prof. Anna Zamansky, is dedicated to combating canine epilepsy with heart, mind, and technology, with the aim of being able to guarantee an appropriate quality of life and a regulated everyday life for particularly ill dogs, but also for their owners. With expertise from pharmacological, dietary, and behavioral research to data science and AI, our multidisciplinary team gets to the bottom of the disease and thoroughly investigates semiology, new therapeutic options, and automatic detection and monitoring of seizures in order to enable more targeted and effective countermeasures for dogs with epilepsy.


Your dog has epileptic seizures? Submit a video with sound to help us defeat epilepsy in the following steps:

  • Share a video of your dog during a seizure.

  • Try to capture the whole body in the frame.

  • Make sure to include also sound.

  • Please also answer a few questions.

  • Submit your single video.

If you would like to upload multiple videos, please fill out the survey each time as some information may have changed over time.

The data submitted by you will be stored on university servers and be used solely for research purposes. Data will not be transferred to any other non mentioned parties. Please make sure that no other persons are visible on the video, where possible. By entering your data and uploading your video, you consent to participate in the study and donate your data for research purposes.

Sex of your dog

Thank you! Your upload is completed.

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